Mine Rescue Teams Train Monthly To Keep Employees Safe Underground
Doe Run’s Mine Rescue Teams Compete In Regional And National Competitions That Test Their Skills Through First Aid And Rescue Simulations. It Takes Teamwork To Assess Potential Problems And Identify Solutions That Keep Everyone Safe.

Mine Rescue Teams Train Monthly to Keep Employees Safe Underground

Doe Run’s mine rescue teams compete in regional and national competitions that test their skills through first aid and rescue simulations. It takes teamwork to assess potential problems and identify solutions that keep everyone safe.

Recognitions and Achievements

Continuous improvement is a priority at Doe Run, and awards and certifications are measures of the company’s progress. In 2016, Doe Run received recognition on several fronts for its commitment to safety, environmental and product quality programs.

Mine Rescue Hall of Fame

After more than three decades of commitment to his coworkers’ safety, Doe Run celebrated the distinguished career of one of their own. In July, the Mine Safety and Health Administration named Denny Dickerson, a recent Doe Run retiree and long-time member of Doe Run’s Maroon Mine Rescue Team, to the National Metal/Nonmetal Mine Rescue Hall of Fame.

“We are thrilled Denny received national recognition for his outstanding contributions to Doe Run’s mine rescue programs,” said Steve Setzer, captain of Doe Run’s Maroon Team. “As one of the longest-tenured team members, Denny helped prepare our mine rescuers to perform their roles as safely as possible. We’re all better because of the level of expertise and commitment to safety that Denny provided.”

Dickerson retired from Doe Run in early 2016. His career spanned more than four decades in Missouri’s mining industry and 33 years in mine rescue.

“When I first began working in the mining industry, I didn’t know about mine rescue,” said Dickerson. “While at West Fork Mine in 1985, we started a mine rescue team to make sure we had the skills needed to help our fellow employees in the event of an emergency underground. I volunteered that year and stayed on the team until my retirement.”

Dickerson helped Doe Run’s Maroon Team earn the National Championship title at the Mine Safety and Health Administration National Metal/Nonmetal Mine Rescue Contest in both 2010 and 2014. His decades of preparation and expertise were tested in 2010 when he helped with the successful evacuation of three miners trapped by a small truck fire in Mine 29.

“Safety procedures are essential in the mines,” said Dickerson, who credits fellow team members and underground employees for sharing their safety knowledge with him. “I’ve had a chance to work with a lot of good people, to teach them and learn from them all.”

Doe Run’s mine rescue teams undergo eight hours of rigorous monthly training and enter regional and national competitions during the year to keep their skills sharp. Even in retirement, Dickerson will help train Doe Run’s teams. He’s been asked to develop hypothetical mine rescue situations for practice. He wants to continue sharing the knowledge he gained from his colleagues with the next generation of mine rescue teams, so they can continue to keep their fellow miners safe.

Dickerson also was named to the Missouri Mine Rescue Hall of Fame in 2015, thanks to a nomination from a member of the Mississippi Lime team, which the Maroon Team regularly faces in competitions.

Throughout 2016, Doe Run’s mine rescue teams continued their tradition of excellence. The company’s Maroon and Gray Mine Rescue Teams participated in the National Metal/Nonmetal Mine Rescue Contest in Reno, Nevada, where Garry Moore and Denny Keene of the Gray Team won the National Championship in the team technician category.

At Missouri University of Science and Technology’s Annual Mine Rescue Competition in October, the Maroon Team won first place in the field competition – the highest honor for the event. The Maroon Team also won best in association and second place in the first aid competition. The Gray Team earned fourth place in the field competition.

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Marking Safety Milestones

Doe Run employees participate in refresher safety training every year. This commitment to safety helped the company reach milestones at two facilities in 2016.

  • In November, Brushy Creek Mill surpassed 10 years with no lost-time accidents. The 23 employees average more than 10 years of experience and meet daily to share experiences and advice as to how to do their job in a safe way.
  • Fabricated Products Incorporated (FPI) earned its 17th Perfect Safety Award from the National Safety Council. The Casa Grande, Arizona, facility, a subsidiary of Doe Run specializing in metal fabrication, has earned the recognition every year since 2000. Last year, it surpassed 1.6 million hours with no lost-time accidents.

Managing Environmental Impact

Doe Run is committed to effectively managing its environmental impact by pursuing International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certification at many of its facilities. ISO’s annual third-party audits help each site make the best use of its environmental management system and provide guidance for reaching environmental goals.

In 2016, SRI Quality System Registrar recognized Resource Recycling with the President’s Award for Commitment for continuously maintaining ISO certification for the last 20 years. Resource Recycling holds ISO 9001:2008 (product quality) and ISO 14001:2004 (environmental management systems) certifications.

Three of the company’s mines and mills – Sweetwater, Brushy Creek and Fletcher – also maintain ISO 14001:2004 certifications. In 2017, Buick Mine and Mill, Casteel Mine, and Mine 29 plan to pursue that certification as well. The Herculaneum facility and FPI’s Vancouver, Washington, site maintain ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Brushy Creek Mill Reaches 10-Year Milestone


Brushy Creek Mill’s 23 employees worked more than 10 years with no lost-time accidents. The mill process includes breaking down rock ore to separate out lead, zinc and copper minerals.

Resource Recycling Facility Recognized


One of the largest single-site lead recycling facilities in the world, Resource Recycling earned recognitions for its commitment to customer service in 2016.

Building Relationships with Customers and the Community

Doe Run’s commitment to maintain strong relationships with its stakeholders, particularly customers and the community, earned the company several recognitions:

  • Winchester Ammunition chose Resource Recycling from 22 companies as its top metals supplier of the year. The recognition was based on Doe Run’s high scores in product quality, on-time delivery, pricing and service.
  • Alex Sellers, a safety analyst at Resource Recycling, was honored with the Missouri Community Betterment Adult Leadership Award from Missouri Community Betterment for his efforts to improve the community through The Salem Initiative. Salem is one of the largest towns near Doe Run’s mining and recycling operations, and serves as home to many Doe Run employees.
  • Doe Run received an APEX Award for Publication Excellence from The Business Communications Report for its 2015 Sustainability Report website, which updates its community and stakeholders about how the company operates sustainably to balance social, economic and environmental responsibilities. The award is based on excellence in graphic design, editorial content and overall communications effectiveness. This is Doe Run’s fifth APEX award for its annual sustainability report.